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Amateur Lesbian Porn

1:00 Becoming more and more of a commie.


4:00 The guy who goes to work every day.


7:00 Virus has been out a long time.


9:00 Does the virus have a mind?


14:00 Everything is a transaction.


20:00 No wonder you’re tired.


23:00 Right now there is no virus here.


24:00 Moving toward authoritarianism.


26:00 Real problem is the Depression that is going to come after.


28:00 Trump is tactical not strategic.


34:00 Amateur Lesbian Porn.


36:00 The point of case in point teaching.


42:00 Not having Covid is going to make you a second class citizen.


44:00 We don’t want to live just by numbers.


46:00 Happiness isn’t a commodity.


47:00 Interesting times.

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Shelter in Place

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Not releasing pods.


1:00 Practice.


2:00 Good conversation is what people like to listen to on podcasts.


4:00 Each play took 7 years to write: a perfectionist.


8:00 10 second gap – NOT AN EDIT ! WE NEVER EDIT !


10:00 I know when I hear it whether it works.


13:00 I don’t mind not putting them up because I know I’m getting better.


15:00 That’s Canada: apologizing in the sex clubs.


16:00 I like getting up in the morning.


19:00 The brain is a predicting machine.


23:00 Pay attention.


26:00 Is anyone checking on you?


29:00 Killing your parents.


30:00 I called my mother from all over the world.


33:00 Isn’t it better just to build the ramp for the wheelchair guy and not give a shit what you call him?


34:00 We have to worry whether we are connected or it’s not going to work.


37:00 1929? We don’t know. We’re making up stories.


38:00 My data is listening to it.


40:00 I’m unsophisticated. I don’t have emotional granularity.


41:00 Proust so dense. Wants to give you an entire life. A mommy’s boy.


46:00 These days there’s only one guy for me – Bill.


48:00 It’s not like I’m in the middle of a pandemic.


50:00 Shakespeare’s thing: the pulling out of rugs: Lear.


53:00 Bad things never happen the way you think they’re going to happen. It always comes in the side door. It’s your brain thinking this is the best thing for survival.

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The Distance Between Us

John Allen returns with what is:


1:00 Sitting two metres apart.


4:00 Vitamin C.


6:00 You don’t want to discuss it because we might have to do it.


8:00 Judging the toilet paper and hand sanitizer hoarders.


13:00 In America everyboy’s got a gun.


16:00 Esselstyn Diet: off of diabetes medication in five days.


20:00 Tom Hanks has Corona Virus and Diabetes 2 (underlying condition).


21:00 Virus is an excuse for practice.


22:00 If I was President of the USA.


23:00 No sports: Guys are just going to drink and punch out their wives.


26:00 Culling the tribe.


29:00 It needs a host.


32:00 Counselling: Checking in.


34:00 Transparency and telling the babes I just want to bang them.


36:00 Just wake yourself up once a day.


37:00 Wake up and just realize you’re here.



My Life In Show Business .com


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O Canada

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Canada is one of the first countries to test CoVid19 early and aggressively.


5:00 This beautiful thing we’ve created: Government.


11:00 Thieves Oil.


14:00 Coffee Break: Batman mug.


15:00 Talking about your day.


18:00 What Would John Allen Say?


21:00 Vitamin C


24:00 One Look Over the Coffee Table in the Morning


29:00 Joe’s going to be presidential on CoVid


33:00 We didn’t take the guys at the railroads and shoot ’em


35:00 The Model and the Snake


40:00 Aristotle, Chekov & Art


41:00 The People in the Funny Jackets


45:00 To dream and fill in the blanks


47:00  I can finally be me. My whole life has been a waste.


50:00 Can you be funny without telling jokes?


51:00 How to reduce suffering.


55:00 Battle of Britain: Make peace with this God Moment.


59:00 Right now is a perfect moment.


1:00:00 The reason I counsel is that I’d rather not work on myself.


1:04:00 When I broke down doing the dishes. How wonderful it was to be alive.


1:11:00 Ozymandias


1:12:00 Dying is happening all of the time.

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Dancing at the Apocalypse

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 People over 60 should not go out.


3:00 Millions of people will die. Get used to it.


6:00 Dancing at the Apocolypse.


8:30 How we reacted to 911.


10:00 At any moment it’s bye-bye.


13:00 Trump is making people uncomfortable.


14:00 There is no living forever. You might as well pay attention as opposed to trying to fix the chess pieces.


15:00 Don’t try to be happy. Try to find joy.


16:00 I have a lot of gratitude these days. I’ve done a lot of work and had a lot of suffering.


18:00 Krishnamurti – Truth is a pathless land.


19:00 The cough.


24:00 911 was a bubble of humanism – a system that is off.


25:00 The concept of privacy is now over.


27:00 We will tolerate anything. Any draconian measure will be just fine.


29:00 On International Women’s Day John says his only reason to live is girls.


30:00 When the world ends – we won’t have to pay copyright. Nisgardatta – You are not in the world, the world is in you.


32:00 Loving having the car back.


35:00 Biden


37:00 Amazon’s Hunters series is bizarre. A comic. Batman.


41:00 Battle of Midway.


45:00 Intervention is worse than letting things happen.


48:00 John is Trump – a spoiled brat.


51:00 Coveting the mic – a Blue Yeti.


54:00 The problem with this work is that it works: ROI.


55:00 Before a game you feel a certain way just like an actor feels before they go on stage.


The first thing you have to do is check in and be with who you are.


Jumping the joke.


57:00 Be with how you’re playing. What is happening right now?


59:00: Paying attention to your breath: “Ball, ball, ball… in, out, in, out…”


1:01:00 Tired and not feeling like dancing. Closing the eyes. Shut up and listen.


1:02:00 Here is a really wonderful, wonderful place because that’s who we really are.


1:04:00 I’ve got to get my suit pressed because I think I’m going to be going to a lot of funerals and I think I might be in a funeral – the corpse, waving.


1:05:00 Virus is an existential threat to Trump.


1:07:00 A Very Stable Genius: Trump is unhinged.


1:09:00 A bunch of babies: The Silent Majority.


1:11:00 There’s so much noise that nobody gets heard.





A Lazy Man’s Guide To Happiness


Krishnamurti: 100 Years




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Blue Yeti microphone


A Very Stable Genius


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