The Book of Job

John Allen argues with what is all by himself. So what else is new?

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Grist for Practice

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Vertigo


4:00 Losing teeth.


12:00 Pointing to the future.


22:00 The opposite is true.


31:00 Mutation.


40:00 Michael Jordan.


46:00 An Imperfect Union.


57:00 I’ll do it when I do it.


1:03:00 Going all in.


1:05 The end is here all of the time.

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Taking Away the Picnic Tables

John Allen returns with what is:


1:00 Cleaning stuff up.


3:00 Paternalism and taking away the picnic tables.


13:00 Doctors.


22:00 A good handyman.


40:00 Submissive fantasies raise the ante of illicitness.


51:00 Michael Lewis.


59:00 Unknowingly caught in a loop.


1:03:00 Out of control growth is cancer.


1:09:00 Moral issues are now front and centre.


1:14:00 Decision Trees: Football Manager vs Proust.

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Your Destiny Is A Mystery To Us

John Allen returns with what is:


3:00 Eating big steaks and fucking some girls.


11:00 Epidemiologists breaking out in smiles.


12:00 Letting the fastball go into the old folks home.


14:00 Jailed in our houses on a beautiful spring day.


16:00 Working on the pyramids.


21:00 The future is always now.


25:00 Belief – another fucking mythology you can grab on to and drown with.


29:00 The computer game where something random doesn’t happen is not much fun – Allan Watts.


35:00 Bob Dylan and projecting through Kennedy.


41:00 The things we thought weren’t going to change are changing.


50:00 When I’m at my best I’m a passenger.


55:00 Eisenhower’s warning.


1:07:00 A future full of minefields, betrayal and self-interest.


1:10:00 Mornings are for crying.


1:13:00 Death – Guaranteed.


1:19:00 Chief Seattle.

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Happy Ducks

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Low flying ducks.


2:00 Don’t need airplanes anymore.


3:00 People are the problem.


8:00 Trump walks away.


11:00 Yahoo protesters. 


19:00 No issues.


26:00 Henry Ford and the birth of the consumer economy.


32:00 Discovering the little moments in life.


38:00 Volleyball beach takeover.


45:00 Going inside.


51:00 Zoom ruins the day.

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Going Inside

0:00 With Mum and Dad at Google Home.


8:00 The Inner Guru will take you where you need to go.


18:00 The peak is a good sign.


24:00 Eastern people are the nicest.


33:00 We are a product of the things that rub up against us.


34:00 All men are misogynists at heart.

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A Good Actor Dying

0:00 Our kids are going to grow up in hell.


3:00 Trump’s “Liberate” tweets are Machiavellian genius.


4:00 Like Trump – getting away with everything.


10:00 The numbers keep going up in Canada.


14:00 Pandemic haves and have-nots.


21:00 We live in a monarchy: private business runs things and we don’t have a say about it.


34:00 Hitler’s Birthday. Gotta know your enemy.


37:00 Why Shakespeare? He’s the best.


39:00 Immediacy.

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Let Slip the Dogs of War

0:00 The American election begins.


3:00 Elites can work from their computers.


6:00 The worst time to be alive is the time between empires.


8:00 Mask fashion.


11:00 Kicking in the TV.


21:00 Obama in the backroom.


27:00 The Federales.


32:00 Trump has had no obstacles in life and so can’t handle them now.


35:00 The Chinese know how to govern.


38:00 Going to live like sheep.


39:00 Eat your plants kids and the coronavirus will spare you.

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Our Revels Now Are Ended

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 The life we’ve created for ourselves as a species.


11:00 The Psychopathology of Everyday Life.


18:00 Validation – there is no you except in reflection from someone else.


28:00 One more kick at the can with the babes – all I ever wanted.


34:00 This is a pandemic, not a war.


40:00 Words and consequences.


45:00 Instead of unravelling during the pandemic people are doubling down.


49:00 We are in our loops.


52:00 Gatsby > Prospero.


54:00 Act 4 Scene 1

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Goodbye to Everything

John Allen returns with what is:


10:00 Being happy with the pandemic.


33:00 You have to say goodbye to everything – including yourself.


44:00 A terrified population that’s never had anything bad happen to them in their lives.


48:00 The things we feel out there are always about us.


53:00 I should not be in a pandemic.


56:00 One more blow job.


1:04:00 We grew up on ice.


1:07:00 Proust’s prose gun.


1:11:00 Pretty damn liberal.

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