Month: June 2020

Not Dead Yet Part 2

John Allen survives yet another battle with “what is”.

meditation, questioning,critical thinking,

what the fuck is happening now?

who am i?

who cares?

Fuck it


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Let Your Indulgence Set me Free

Prospero and what is.

All suffering is an argument with what is.

Suffering is not a glitch.

Allow suffering to be.



Party down.


Let your indulgence set me free


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Excuse the Indulgence

John Allen and what is.

00:09 Deconstruction of musical mirror. Brown Sugar cultural time capsule.

01:45 Don’t want that in the mirror. Don’t want that in the mirror

02:33 Groundlings demanding a different ending for Hamlet.

4:00 Cinema Verite: Taking a sip of coffee.

06:36 So much for Cinema Verite

07:47 People think Trump is the epitome of an American businessman because he played one on TV.

09:00 A little aside about ex girlfriends. Yuuch. Cinema Verite

10:15 We’ve been really good friends but I had to have a heart attack.

11:00 Walking the walk and talking the talk.

11:45 Feeling better is taking a pill

13:16 Maybe this is the one. One what?

14:05 I get these little periods of bliss and then they just kinda run out of gas.

15:44 Every once in a while one of them will come off the ground that I haven’t seen before.

!5:45 I really am a horrible lying hypocritical asshole.

15:46 Oh and a leech.

17:08 Wait for thunderbolt. No thunderbolt.

19:40 It’s like being a parent again. Ooops. Again. Still. Right. I am a parent still.

20:20 I have to be responsible. Is it true?

21:27 Amateur Lesbian Porn

24:15 The worst for a guy. It’s okay.

24:40 Viagra. The boys on the bench.

26:00 I knew a guy who blew a guy’s head off with a shotgun.

26:05 Wrote a play about it.

27:00 Upper Canada boys.

29:15 Engagement theory

30:41 Boys run them like dogs

32:00 Homework. Worthless.

33:00 1971. I thought that was what the world would always be like.

34:33 The Stones.

37:00 We the people couldn’t handle it.So we gave it back

39:35 Sounding tired. Sorry

40:24 OJ Simpson trial. The Usurping of public power. Monarchy is back.

42:00 Going into hope and I dont want to go into hope but…

43:00 Trump as a trip wire waking up the people; The beauty of the American system

46:00 I always wanted to be a cop when I played as a kid so I could be in charge.

47:00 Friendships are tough.

48:00 Slipping into senility.

48:23 Bad reading of the Hollow Men. Indulgence.

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Snitch Culture

John Allen and what is.

00:30 You say you want a revolution

1:55 I like the battle of Stalingrad as much as the next guy

2:22 True confessions.

3:08 My friend Dave

4:00 Another Cassandra moment

4:35 Terrific bang…Yuuch…I didn’t like the way I said that. At all

5:05 No no no we are just friends.

5:50 Lets face it Old Guys are not great.

6:30 I’ll just dance by myself and look at the floor.

7:00 Snitch culture

7:45 High falutin’

9:03 I just don’t talk to anybody. It’s easier.

9:45 When they take over they aren’t going to be very nice to the people they take over from…Just guessin’

10:50 Okay not cheering about somebody being shot. Making a point about the media acting like a squirrel on speed.

14:00 Lets rat each other out.

15:30 They are showing you who they are…

17:20 Purity test

18:15 You are the one who is high and mighty

19:00 We come in wholes not parts

20:00 PTSD dating flash back

21:50 Jazz baby jazz

23:00 The Soon Come

25:02 Those gals they brought it down

26:15 Sex clubs and dancing.

29:25 I don’t want to know anymore.

30:20 This is actually funny

31:00 Dick farm

32:00 The dream: Commenting about myself commenting about myself.

32:30 Snitch culture

33:15 Ooops…raised my voice…

34:00 If I say chick and it just makes you fucking crazy…

39:00 Don’t die for your country let the other poor dumb fucker die for his.

41:00 Twinkly lights. My origin story

42:00 I had to find out. What happened? Where did those people go? Where will I go?

45:25 There is nothing as horny as a married guy.

47:00 That Soon Come feeling.

48:07 I didn’t get to talk about how I feel like I am going to die all the time. Too bad.

49:00 Speaking about dying…

49:30 Quick Dad story.

51:00 Where was I?





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Babylon- The Looking Glass Self.

John Allen takes on what is. Its a draw. Nah. What is always wins.

And of course Amateur Lesbian Porn.


See. I told ya I would do it.

2:17 Requiem for the Pandemic


05:58 Amateur Lesbian Porn Revisited

6:50 If ya gotta rub one out for sleep I get it.

8:30 I’m going to be living in a maytag box

9:10 I am not who I think I am. I am not who you think I am. I am who I think you think I am.

10:30 The looking glass self

11:30 The past is created from here

12:45 Breaking News: We are all going to die. We are always in the present.

13:30 It seems so fucking obvious.

13:45 After a certain age you got no fucking excuse.

15:15 We are going to defund the police force. Bad marketing idea.

15:45 Mr and Mrs. Anywhere: What the fuck? You want to get rid of the police force?

16:25 Have any of you met anybody who is a really bad guy?

17:30 Freaking out about saying “you know” while I talk about my Dad going to jail.

18:30 I don’t want your blood money. Just let me get in my Jaguar.

19:40 The Fugue. Do the fugue.

20:00 Most people want to talk about how to feel better. I want to talk about getting in their pants.Bummer.

20:45 Repeating myself. Triggered memory of old girl friend hating me for repeating myself. That’s three times you told me that.

23:30 Shocked out of your thoughts. Shocked out of your yourself.

24:40 Am I having a heart attack?

24:50 How would I do these notes?

24:30 I’ll show you. I’ll give it to you for free. Fuck you Return on Investment culture.

26:00 Defence Mechanism Alert: I was a good parent because I didn’t want kids.

27:30 You know what I mean Jelly bean.

28:04 Investigations. Yoga. Ex girlfriends.

29:00 If you feel bad about the protest.

29:10 I am Cassandra. I dont look good in a dress.

29:00 Best sex Apollo ever had.

31:00 Awful confession. Among many.

31:30 Hard time on the blower.

32:00 The thing that you see in the protests you can see in yourself.

33:00 Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. Churchill.

36:00 Nice sweet story about a stoned cold killer.

37:30 Should I tell that story? The Mr. Peanut story. No. But then I did. Figures.

38:45 A red neck tie

39:30 Memory…a compost heap of a poetic image.

43:00 Memory are episodes and are constructed from here.

44:50 John says hi.







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Not a War When You Can Get Take out

John Allen and what is.

Tie goes to the runner.

1:45 Hassle

2:23 We gots no balls… no offence to eunuchs

3:20 Eclectic guy

3:45 Rioting is kind of a gas

4:20 Putting porn in all the titles.

4:50 lesbian porn

5:24 I’ve gotten awful Zen. I hit a three wood off the carpet.

6:30 Elephant in the room

9:23 Empathy is an act of imagination

10:30 The don’t know place

11:45 Wooo hoo  the call…wake the fuck up

12:40 Man that’s work

14:00 Go to the worst place right away

17:30 If I did that today they would take me out to the ditch and shoot me like a dog

19:00 If you reward people for greed. Big surprise when they act greedy.

21:00 Not a war…not when you can get take out

22:30 How can I go dancing?

23:15 Boring myself here…who the fuck cares what I eat…fuck off…I hate this guy

24:00 How do we deal with racism? Look inside. There is a place inside you that despises you.

26:15 Shut the fuck up man…I was just thinking that…

27:02 I was addicted to a woman and I guess I always have been.

28:45 Why is this guy laughing?

29:50 Let’s start with being battered.

32:30 Terrible job. Keeping the status quo static.

32:45 Bad singing

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