Month: May 2020

Not Here. Not Now. No Thing

John Allen and what is.

0:50 Mothers day spike.

1:40 Making jokes as a defence mechanism. Whew LOL

2:25 Lets start with something right off the bat: I don’t know shit

3:32 Everything I have done is for a little bit of time.

4:20 I hate who I am when I am with other people

5:30 Viewer mail: Love me love please love me.

6:01 GPS locating in brain produces lots of good shit.

6:35 The buddhists…LOL

7:26 Gapped out like an old guy or doing a Joe Biden

8:00 Embarrassing moment for me listening to this part…more embarrassing than usual that is.

8:50 The Buddhists again.

9:30 What the fuck is this?

10:15 True confession: I was a rich kid and I didn’t like to suffer.

11:40 The whole point of parenting is that you are going to get it wrong. Whew LOL

11:50 Every action produces good and bad consequences and whether it is good or bad depends on where you are judging it from.

14:00 Viewer mail: Falling off the wagon

15:00 I’m interested in suffering.

16:18 I was an angry guy what can I say?

16:40 I didn’t have to fix the traffic jam.

17:50 You can’t die before your time.

18:30 Why all of you are juicing…

20:00 When I get a grab in the stomach I know something is coming.

20:20 Juicing again

21:20 Attention is love

23:00 The sound of mind.

24:31 Drink a bottle of scotch and your mind will slow down and then shut right down when your head hits the table

24:35 Satori. Bliss. Until you wake up in the empty pizza box.

27:30 The fifth of vodka my mother used to hide in the dishwasher

28:15 In this moment we have everything we need or we would be dead.

30:00 Watch

31:13 The one story in the universe. The hurricane that never ends.

31:30 I want to have a drink

34:10 Where do you feel that anxiety?

35:00 Am I proselytizing? Ya think? Asshole LOL

36:00 Labels

36:30 Looking past the image of your foot.

37:03 Don’t think about a Pink Elephant

38:15 Oh oh…Why is he doing this? Is this pretentious? Yikes…What do you think this is? Headspace?

41:28 Be with the tree man…Sheesh

42:00 Joe Biden gaffed. I thought it was a good joke. You ain’t black. Come on Man…LOL

44:20 Don’t misunderestimate the Trumpster.  Remember Steve Atwater.

45:20 “I just lost the south for a generation.” LBJ on signing Civil rights Act legislation. He was wrong. Its been three generations.

47:35 You survived so many things that you didn’t think you had a shot at…

48:27 Boo hoo

48:30 Some advice and a  segue.

50:00 Have I fucked this up? Fifty minutes that’s long enough for anybody.

50:19 Didn’t seem to be. Bonus part 2. Really? You have more to say? Lordy

50:35 On the porch after doing some yard work.

52:00 99 percent of people make the dumplings

53:00 The mind is constantly trying to figure shit out.

54:00 The bird singing is technical and adaptive. It had to learn to sing then had to forget what it learned.

55:16 Fuckin’ heaven. Maybe I am a hippie.

57:00 Finger waggin’

58:00 Viral cloud of death

59:07 Not here. Not now. No thing

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Not Dead Yet

John Allen and what is.

0:30   I’ve been walking and talking. Everything is a groove

1:20 What the fuck is going on right now?

2:00 Not Suffering when you are falling off a cliff.

3:12 If we all believe the same story we can all get together and kill things

6:00 What are you going to do?

7;00 Fairy tales, fairy tales

8:40 If you are feeling bad then it’s because you think this moment should be different

9:15 Case study…Blah blah

10:50 Wanting can be fun and desire creates suffering. We’re fucked

11:45 this moment is exactly as it should be

13:02 Your mind makes up a lot of bullshit. That’s it job.

15:00 things appear and dissolve in us

15:45 I’ve been running from the cops for years but now glass cases

16:00 Did he just have a stroke?

17:30 All you can be sure of in this moment is I am and I am  right fucking now

21:00 It just doesn’t work out the way you thought it was going to

23:00 The creative space is a not knowing place and we don’t like it.

25:00 2 out of 15 is about right in terms of the covid

26:30 Viewer mail

28:00 let go of the anchor

30:00 God willing. Its just this

31:00 Mom Dad meet the folks

31:22 Dad stop blinking

32:00 This is fucking heaven and its all gone.

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By the Way…

John Allen and “what is” fight it out again. Same result.

0:30 Ahhh fuck it…clouds of viral load

2:15 Fire through dry grass- What does it all mean?

6:00 What’s the word I am looking for- Stupid. That’s the word. Stupid.

7:35 In twenty five years who is going to spike the ball

8:15 Trying to remember where to pee

10:40 CNN Headline- Caesar conquers Gaul and tweets rant about Pompey

11:45 Roosevelt, Goebbels, Trump…

13:00 What’s it all mean Alfie?

14:00 It’s not the fact that the guy is an asshole…It’s that you think he shouldn’t be an asshole

17:00 It’s difficult to have sex without emotion…Oh God…What does  that make me?

18:00 When the cuff goes around the wrist…they always test it and then relax

19:45 An encyclopedia of hassles…

20:45 The Pandemic agrees with me. Will I get in trouble?

22:00 The Rickster quit his job before it started. Isn’t that fantastic?

25:00 Peter Pan going through the window. “Fuck. My back. Wendy? I hurt my back.”

27:45 Farmers. That’s what they are like (See 14:00 above)

29:30 Can you imagine what the United States would be today if Lincoln had let the South leave?

31:30 Its going to be amazing ladies and gentlemen how much privacy you are going to lose?

32:20 Old guy moment googling. What’s that guy’s name again?

35:00  Fridge door open spooning down the ice cream

38:00 The mask thing is a tell.

40:00  I didn’t want to have children. Somebody needier than me.

42:45 I’m a lousy therapist. I don’t have a lot of time.

43:45 Buddha’s first noble truth. A hassle.

44:30 Buddhist Bells.

45:00 Why the fuck am I doing the dishes?

45:20 Why isn’t someone else doing the dishes?

46:00 The most intimate relationship you are going to have in your life is with your own thoughts.

48:09 I’m not invested. I got other things to hang myself for.

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The Book of Job

John Allen argues with what is all by himself. So what else is new?

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Grist for Practice

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Vertigo


4:00 Losing teeth.


12:00 Pointing to the future.


22:00 The opposite is true.


31:00 Mutation.


40:00 Michael Jordan.


46:00 An Imperfect Union.


57:00 I’ll do it when I do it.


1:03:00 Going all in.


1:05 The end is here all of the time.

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Taking Away the Picnic Tables

John Allen returns with what is:


1:00 Cleaning stuff up.


3:00 Paternalism and taking away the picnic tables.


13:00 Doctors.


22:00 A good handyman.


40:00 Submissive fantasies raise the ante of illicitness.


51:00 Michael Lewis.


59:00 Unknowingly caught in a loop.


1:03:00 Out of control growth is cancer.


1:09:00 Moral issues are now front and centre.


1:14:00 Decision Trees: Football Manager vs Proust.

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