Shelter in Place

John Allen returns with what is:


0:00 Not releasing pods.


1:00 Practice.


2:00 Good conversation is what people like to listen to on podcasts.


4:00 Each play took 7 years to write: a perfectionist.


8:00 10 second gap – NOT AN EDIT ! WE NEVER EDIT !


10:00 I know when I hear it whether it works.


13:00 I don’t mind not putting them up because I know I’m getting better.


15:00 That’s Canada: apologizing in the sex clubs.


16:00 I like getting up in the morning.


19:00 The brain is a predicting machine.


23:00 Pay attention.


26:00 Is anyone checking on you?


29:00 Killing your parents.


30:00 I called my mother from all over the world.


33:00 Isn’t it better just to build the ramp for the wheelchair guy and not give a shit what you call him?


34:00 We have to worry whether we are connected or it’s not going to work.


37:00 1929? We don’t know. We’re making up stories.


38:00 My data is listening to it.


40:00 I’m unsophisticated. I don’t have emotional granularity.


41:00 Proust so dense. Wants to give you an entire life. A mommy’s boy.


46:00 These days there’s only one guy for me – Bill.


48:00 It’s not like I’m in the middle of a pandemic.


50:00 Shakespeare’s thing: the pulling out of rugs: Lear.


53:00 Bad things never happen the way you think they’re going to happen. It always comes in the side door. It’s your brain thinking this is the best thing for survival.

Check out this episode!

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